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"Examination Day"

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Full length movie 60 minutes playing time
Featuring Amy and Lily

Amy has been slacking off and not studied for her exams. When the alarm wakes her on examination day she needs to come up with the excuse to tell her mother why she cannot sit the exams. She claims cannot sit for three hours without a pee during an exam and the teachers do not permit toilet breaks. Mommy Lili is very skeptical and to humiliate Amy for lying to her insists she must do the exam and wear a diaper. She also packs spare diapers, wipes and powder in her backpack and sends her off to school.

When school is out Amy returns home with an absolutely saturated disposable. Lili is disgusted and stands her in the laundry tub to clean her down and diaper her again. She tells Amy she is no more toilet trained than a little girl and will be treated as such.

Amy says she is toilet trained and swears she can prove it. But when she needs to pee badly she races into the bathroom and doesn't make it in time. Horrified and right there in front of her mommy she unleashes the longest stream of pee all over the floor.

That settles it for Lili. She takes her into the old nursery room to diaper her again and dress her in little clothes. Then she makes her take a long breast feed.

Later she makes sure she has warm milk from a baby bottle then dresses totally distraught and humilated Amy in footed pyjamas before bodily lifting her into the cot and leaving her for the night totally regressed and all alone.

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